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Light Seed Candle | Protect and Clear



The powerful aromas of Myrrh, Frankincense and Pomegranate will immediately envelop you. 

Breathe in and experience the exotic layered veils of spicy woods, sticky resins and intriguing sweetness.  

Amethyst works to block negative energy, calming your mind and protecting your aura.  
Black Tourmaline complements the Amethyst by converting dense energy into a lighter vibration, which adds to the protective force around you.  

Marvel at the beauty of this candle when you light it and watch the flame flick its light across the gold leaf and crystals.  

Feel the negative energy disappear and be embraced by the sensation of being protected.
Use to clear the air of unwanted energies and protect your aura.

In a new home use to cleanse lingering energy of the past. Shifts dense energy into a lighter vibration.

Use with our light notes Protect Clear to expel unwelcome spirit energy from your home. If children have been having nightmares use to banish negative energies.

Vibe: ...  mystical and enchanting.  Midnight black velvet encased in warmth.
Smells Like...  exotic top notes of myrrh & cinnamon  heart notes of sweet pomegranate, base notes of frankincense and sandalwood. 

Included with Protect Clear are LightNotes - affirmations to magnify the qualities of your LightSeed Candle.

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